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How to win thousands of sales on

How to win thousands of sales on is one of the largest sites to sell online on the Internet, a site trusted by consumers around the world.

It is available to Jordanians and fortunately they sell through and Jordan is among the only 4 Arab countries available to its residents to sell through the Amazon site.

Also available to you to sell any commodity in the Ryan Coisson The Infinity Code Amazon site and take a commission for sale and this is done by placing a declaration of any commodity or advertisement for shopping in the Amazon site in your site through banner advertising and if anyone clicks on your advertisement and bought from the site Amazon have a commission about 10 % Of product value or less.

It is also possible through social networking sites to your friends on Facebook, Twitter or chat sites or email to send your own link to shop through the site Amazon for people and if anyone clicking on your link and shopping and purchase from Amazon takes a commission.

You are here in this process need a site to place ads for your visitors to shop in Amazon or you can send your Amazon shopping link to people in chat and social networking sites.

Amazon sends you your commissions monthly on your bank account or on a cashier whose name Abionier can request and get you and link with Amazon and they will charge you commissions and withdraw money from any ATM.

The advanced or other way to profit from Amazon is to sell your goods on Amazon

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How to sell on Amazon?

Basically you must have goods or merchandise to be offered for sale on the Mukaz Amazon.

The Infinity Code Reviews first step is to enter the Sellers Center and register the AMAZON SELLER CENTRAL account. You must put your address and phone number and connect the computer with a Visa or MasterCard card that can be used online. You can get these checks from the Housing Bank, Bank of Jordan or many other banks. Jordan.

The second step is to ask for the MasterCard card PAYONER, a card ATM can be ordered from Pioneer and after you connect to your Amazon account Amazon and every two weeks send your sales to this card and withdraw money from any ATM.

If you register a seller account at Amazon and Pioneer, ask for a card that they send to you by regular mail. It takes about one to two months. You can order it in DHL for two days at a cost of $ 40, but you can wait until you sell at Amazon and transfer it to your Pioneer account. Some of them are sent by DHL and deduct fees from your Pioneer.

Now after registering a seller account on Amazon displays your available goods of course there are some goods available for sale to new sellers.

Now in Amazon if the price of the commodity is lower than the others, you are the first choice for those who want to buy the same commodity. For example, if a 16gb is offered for sale, there are many who sell the same flasheh at a lower price than they are at the top of shopper options and sell more.

Note that you must sell original goods as they are in the Amazon models.

Determine the price and shipping costs and then display your goods after you sell a message that you sold a commodity take the details of the buyer and ship him the item at his address.

Note you can use a smart idea and a very clever secret What is it?

For example, if you offer a 64GB chip on Amazon and then buy it from a buyer from America or Canada, you buy the same flash from the AliExpress website at a little price at ALIEXPRESS and ask the seller from which you purchased the same bulletin on the site of Express to ship to the address of your customer who bought from you in Amazon.

This is why you sell Amazon its goods if someone buys you the same item from the Express site and asks the seller who sold you to ship it to your customer who bought you from Amazon then give a note that the goods have been shipped to your customer and put a tracking number the tracking number of goods given to you by the merchant you bought From the same flash in the site of Ali Express.

If you are selling in Amazon and who buys from you, you buy the same as what you sold in Amazon. You buy it from a website on your Express and make a dealer on the Express that sold you shipped to your customer who bought you from Amazon.

If you do not ship and do not tire just choose goods and good goods and good prices and in Amazon, provided that the same item is in Ali Express to buy from Ali Express in your turn and make it shipped to your customer.

So you are in the role of broker only do not ship but sell in Amazon and you buy the same item at a lower price.

This ensures more and very little profits.

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How to win thousands of sales on
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