Twitter as a Source for Fundamental Analysis

We will not be far from the truth if we say that at the moment there is no one who does not use social networks or has heard about them at least. Surprisingly, the enormous 140-character space marked a major turning point in how consumers manage their money, their businesses, Forex trading, and binary options. The Twitter social networking site allows users to share texts that are limited to 140 characters. More than 200 million active users produce about 400 million twitter per day. To learn how powerful Twitter is in the Profit Ball Review trading world, we recommend reading and reading this article to see the benefits and impact of this amazing Forex trading tool to make it as efficient an experience as possible.

Twitter Investors in Brief

In recent years, Twitter has been a major source of news, information and alerts within currency markets, where traders can identify and track fast and urgent news. Participants in the trading world use Twitter to keep pace with market developments and use news to make important determinations. Apart from simply detecting events, and adapting to this analysis, you can perform the fundamental analysis. The rapid reception of news and opinions about certain events as well as the market analysis can help to discover additional factors that would affect the rise / fall of the currency. Twitter allows traders to notify them about the emergence of certain trends within the market quickly and respond to them in the shortest period of time, which is important given the continued volatility in the economy.

Take advantage of Twitter trading opportunities

At the financial level, there are several ways to use this social network to help manage trading centers. Simply put, it is a platform that contains thousands of players who act as search teams without any cost. The question why not use that important tool for profit and increase your returns?

Through Twitter, you can track the latest currency movements and identify upcoming trends. For example, you read your news feed or survey emerging trends and observe expectations for upcoming news on New Zealand’s current account balance sheet data. Most forecasts show that the current account deficit will move from NZ $ 4.75B to NZ $ 4.0B at least. This analysis combined with the current GDP per capita report shows an increase in New Zealand’s exports that will lead to a direct appreciation of the currency. Profit Ball Review information allows you to open long positions on the NZD / USD prior to the general release of the data.


Through Twitter, you become aware of what people are thinking at the moment and what information they have that has turned and changed views on countries and currencies. By selecting search data such as “#NZD” or “#New #Zealand” you can see what investors are thinking and then catch ‘dodgy’ feelings about the currency of interest.

While you can follow the general herd vision on Twitter, it also contributes to a different view of the market as well. If you notice many positive reactions to a particular trading symbol or market, you may wish to withdraw money from the table and place it on the other side of the bubble being formed.

Optimize Twitter feeds

The real effort that needs to be made while using social media to invest is to find good content and apply it to the Forex trading strategies and binary options in the modern world, where fighting and ongoing war on spam and e-tricks, your Twitter experiences must be improved so that you Get the best and most productive information at the touch of a button. There are many recommendations on how to stimulate this research by following some of the tools for feeding commercial inks such as CNBC, StockTwits, or Benzinga. But many things depend on what you prefer and want on a personal level in the financial market. So Explore and be with the trend line in time to invest using deep analysis with the help of Twitter.

The ISM Manufacturing Index and the Economy

Since the Forex market is strongly intertwined with the state of the economy, most forex traders are constantly updated on the latest economic changes. In addition to the usual news forecasts on a daily basis, most forex traders use fundamental analysis or economic indicators to establish their trading strategy. One of the economic indicators commonly used by Forex traders is the ISM Manufacturing Index issued by the American Support Management Corporation.

It seems complicated.

ISM is not really complicated. The index mainly measures industrial production over a period of time. Although manufacturing is not a large part of the macro economy in developed countries, it still retains its status as an important economic indicator. This is because the ISM is based on production of industrial parts before goods sold. According to the economic term, this means that the ISM index is one of the leading indicators: it changes before the economy itself changes. If the index falls (manufacturing production declines), this usually indicates weakness in the economy. On the other hand, if the index rises (increasing industrial production), this probably indicates macroeconomic strength.

What does the ISM measure?

The ISM index measures manufacturing activity in the country. Is calculated as follows: 300 procurement managers across the country, representing 20 different industries, are interviewed monthly on total manufacturing activity. The indicator is divided into 9 sub-indices. We will mention the five most important Profit Ball Review indicators:

Price Index – gives information related to another indicator, PPI, which is one indicator of inflation trends.
Production index – relates to production figures.
Employment Index – Helps forecast employment figures in the manufacturing sector.
New orders index – predicts factory orders.
Supplier Delivery Index – helps predict future economic health by using estimates of future supplies.
What do the numbers of this indicator mean?

If the reading of the ISM is above 50, this indicates growth in the manufacturing sector or in the economy itself. On the other hand, if the ISM is below 50, this indicates a decline in the manufacturing sector or a contraction in the economy.

How does the ISM index usually come out?

ISM is issued on a monthly basis. On the first business day of the month, the figures for the previous month are issued.

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Twitter as a Source for Fundamental Analysis
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