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How to Take Advantage of Forex News

The Forex market is the most volatile investment platform, meaning that it is heavily influenced by news from all over the world. As a result, learning how to take advantage of Forex news will enable investors to avoid costly trade mistakes and thereby improve their profitability. In fact, the ability to predict and analyze Forex News is what separates the professional forex investor from the other who is still a beginner.

Tips to take advantage of Forex news

The first thing you should keep in mind when trading forex news and 1K Daily Profit Login is that the news itself may be of limited importance. The most important factor here is the rolling analysis of this news. Remember that investors may draw different connotations from the same news. Since Forex news analysis is not objective, the safest way is to get an overview of the news and then draw your own signals. To Trade Forex news professionally, you can quickly review these news stories to assess their impact on price movements. Also keep in mind the potential for a change in direction that generally occurs when bullish news fails to push prices higher or bearish news in pushing prices down.

In addition to the above, in order to trade forex news as a professional focus on the issuance of news that have a great impact on the movement of the market. Do not waste your time in analyzing events that are not important even if they are linked to the Forex market. News stories with great impact are really what holds the greatest potential for:

Moving the market: Not all events are able to move the market. Note that the Forex market is sometimes driven by the morale of those present. As a result, insignificant or limited news reports may not have enough impact on changing the current trend in the Forex market.

Expected reaction: Based on feedback in the past, the publication of important news usually drives a certain currency pair to a number of predictable points. Thus, when you trade forex news it will be crucial to select the appropriate news releases for trading.

Targets that affect the price of major currencies such as the US dollar, the Euro and the Pound Sterling are also placed under the name of the most influential news. This is because the position and movements of these currencies directly and indirectly affect the value of other currencies in the Forex market.

While currency trading based on forex news is an excellent strategy, 1K Daily Profit Login is important to keep in mind that news related to the forex market often comes too late to avoid full benefit, often when ordinary traders have the opportunity to learn about economic news Importantly, it has been analyzed by many professional traders and financial institutions, which increases their vulnerability to personal and institutional biases.

$1K Daily Profit
$1K Daily Profit

How to Use Housing Indices in Forex Trading

As most forex traders use fundamental analysis in their trading strategies, the news of the good housing index currently being developed is widely echoed in the industry. So far, the housing index most commonly used by forex traders to predict future movements in the currency exchange rate is the S & P / Case-Stiller Home Price Index. This indicator monitors price movements and changes in the housing market in about 20 urban areas across the country. The indicator measures the average price changes in the resale property in these areas included in the index calculation. These indicators are published but with a two-month time lag. The new housing index (IAS360) was developed by a Denver-based company to give a broader and more detailed picture of house price changes in the US market.

Details of the IAS360 index

The IAS360 Housing Index addresses some inherent weaknesses in the S & P / Case-Stiller Home Price Index. This new indicator analyzes changes in housing trends at a deeper and wider level (360 districts with 30 reported indicators). This extended picture of the real situation becomes extremely useful especially in times of recession as it gives indications about corresponding moves in emerging markets. For example, when using the IAS360 housing index, some markets that have not been analyzed by other S & P / Case-Stiller indicators may show real growth, which in turn may indicate renewed growth that may support the overall market which would have been overlooked By housing indicators that are limited.

Average selling price

IAS360 analyzes data based on the average selling price while other indicators analyze the data based on average selling prices. The middle price method (taking the middle price between the upper and lower prices) which gives a more realistic picture of the average price of sales since it does not care about the high and low values ​​of the prices of sold homes.

Release the report in time

Timely reporting is crucial in determining trends and then informing investors when they can invest in ArbiCash System markets. Unlike the 2-month lag with the S & P / Case-Stiller index (for example, May figures released in the last week of July), the figures for IAS360 are issued with a one-month lag (eg, May figures) Issued at the beginning of July). With the release of the report early it is more appropriate and gives the investor the opportunity to make better trading decisions.

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